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“When you speak of me, tell of yourself first,” said Sedenya.

Call me Eff. That's a name I've been using for a while now online, and it works well enough as a name a person might have.

I've been a part of the broad Gloranthan fandom ever since I picked up Heroquest 1st Edition in a gaming shop just off campus. Over the past few years, I've been slowly developing my notions, interpretations, variances, and just plain exegeses of the setting. Encouraged by other people who are at least peripherally involved, I've decided to start compiling them and now to post them in a semi-public space.

Some things that might be a bit relevant about me, the real-world person behind this blog:

I'm a white American, in my late 20s. I'm a lesbian trans woman who tends towards the butch end of things.

My special Gloranthan interests are the Lunar Empire, Esrolia, Sartar, and Wenelia, all in the mid-to-late Modern Age, but I have a broad spectrum of potential areas to explore.

I have Opinions, like anyone who's this deep in the Gloranthan sauce as I am, on certain aspects of the setting etc etc etc, but I intend to at least attempt to write my content to be usable broadly, if perhaps with a little interpretive work.

“We could not get rid of writing either, but now it is ours."

Mythology has been called a disease of language. Elaborate metatextual games may well be a disease of Gloranthaphiles. I shall try to limit them by using the following text style

To convey that this is editorial commentary from an in-universe editor.

These editors are mostly there as a way to set the stage for "where and when does this latest myth come from?" Sometimes they will offer further commentary than that. 

Overall, I plan to present mostly in-universe documents, and then eventually directly playable material once I have a better handle on HQG and RQG. 


  1. Hi Eff, I just wanted to say I have found your blog thanks to Nick Brooke and I am enjoying the read!

  2. As I arrived late to the Forum it seems I am also late to your blog. Although we come from different places, I really appreciate your ideas and insights, and I will be probably progressing through the archive, so you may see comments for old pieces, I am JRE in the Chaosium forum.


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