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  Extracted from the Grafeiokratia of Vibia Lymphatica Taran-Il, with little effort.  This I heard on the subject of bureaucracy when the militia of the bear’s country were in the lands around Dwernapple, when Anlantina One-Eye was Inrana’s woman in the city. Claudia Hwarin-Nullia spoke first, arriving in Anlantina’s office on her invitation, where there already was an auditor, one Chichiton from Ganbarri.  CLAUDIA: Hallo! What seems to be the problem? Riots over the swill they call brandy again?  ANLANTINA: Hallo, Claudia, you old pestilence, the problem today is you.  CLAUDIA: How’s that? CHICHITON: Pardon me, colonel.  ANLANTINA: Well, Claudia, you’ve been practicing a bit of the old daimonology, haven’t you? CHICHITON: Madam legate… CLAUDIA: Daimonology, you say.  ANLANTINA: Yes. Your paperwork has been summoning spirits of headaches, of fatigue, of exhaustion, of grasping thirst for the fruit of the vine, and of mild annoyance to bedevil me. As this young man has taken the time to
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Important Elurae Facts

Hello all!  I've been on a lengthy sojourn to Beast Valley, or rather to its southern edge, where the elusive elurae can be found. These Beast People are fox-women, able to change shape between a fox and a woman with foxy ears. I kon-kon't tell you how worried I was when I first wandered into their terrain. I knew very little. But now I know more! So much more that it makes my ears twitch and my tail poof up!  These are important elurae facts, as I have determined them by exhaustive kon-kontemplation: -There's no animal more trustworthy than a fox.  -Elurae are strong with the Illusion Rune because they can make things prettier and more fluffy that way. -Elurae may be found just about anywhere if you're lucky! They enjoy travel and exploration.  -Elurae homes are usually in forests, and can be very kon-konfusing to navigate! -Elurae ears bring good luck if you pet them! -Elurae tails are very soft to the touch! -Fox women get their way, come hell or high water.  -If a f

A Miracle on Fifty-Fourth Street

 -"There is a plot afoot on the Moon," she breathed out, her face worn into a pattern of shock and dismay. "The red one, not the blue."  I looked at her. "Is this a surprise to you?" I asked, as gently as a feather.  "This is different!" she snapped. "Usually the plots are simple enough. The Duchess of Bat Scritchies has a feud with the Countexx of Insignificant Symbolic Dreams over the use of the doubled "x" in er name, and so gets together with the Carmine Cardinal of the Cerise School, or the Claret of Garnet, and then there's some kind of humiliation involving a giant letter falling on someone. Maybe there's an explosion. All delightful- it's always so charming to see it in my viewing-glass, especially when that dashing Jar-eel the Razoress shows up and sorts things out." She looked from side to side. "This is different," she said, whispering.   I nodded. "Of course, of course, I understand that.


A Selection From The Entekosiaddi Rehti has previously been published in Einkorn Field Fire and Selves: A Magazine of the New Multiverse. She lives with her wives in Rhigos. – This story starts and ends with the radio, as so much of my generation's stories do. Probably they got there earlier in Nochet and Casino Town, but we didn't start getting the tiny portables until I was a kid. After that, everyone had theirs tucked under the pillow. The single-station radios in the shops were cheaper, too, so that's what our parents would get for us. In Jorsh when I was a kid, you could get RNLD in green, CLDR in red, and tucked in between a row of NTKS. Well, orange was my favorite color, so I picked that, and then I was an NTKS girl and that was that. Of course, I wasn't alone. Everyone at school who wore orange on the uniform-free Fridays, who had Air bangles and Harmony hair clips, those were my people. There were more colors when we moved to Rhigos - better reception – and ev


  I feel, as I present this work by my beloved Kivrin Aiun, the first "guest post" on here, as it were, that I have just completed a long swim through a peaceful ocean, and come up on the shore to shout, "Come on in, the water's great!" at whoever happens to be present. Please enjoy, Superharmony Kivrin Aiun This is a promotional selection from the Entekosiaddi , available in retailers across Nova Pelanda, including Sakkarbooks, Books-An-Eighty (and its sister store Books-A-Hundred), and Kinokuniya. === Purity wasn't at ease. Her supermodel hip-sway had an edge to it, and there was disdain in the tall Priestess of Dendara's eyes. "I can't believe you're still mad, sis," sighed Addisyn, Priestess of Entekos. "Like I said, you can't expect a Geo's everything bagel to literally have everything. At least now how you'd define it." A subdued smile played on Purity's lips. "That's not it, sweet